Vartan Sarkissian

Vartan Sarkissian
CEO, Knightsbridge Cybersystems

Vartan Sarkissian is a pioneer in trend setting ICT technology development and a successful entrepreneur from the age of 22. In 2009, he founded Knightsbridge Cybersystems (KCS), which provides proprietary technology and services protecting critical infrastructures such as nuclear, electrical, gas, water, transportation and manufacturing networks.

Specialising in the field of high-tech and cybersecurity, the company's products and services also include secure digital transportation, data-loss prevention, security audit and architecture design. KCS offers an additional range of services including investment, engineering and system integration. Vartan has over 12 years of IT and communications experience working with various telecommunications, software and media companies.

He has a successful history as founder and CEO of two software/internet companies. In 2004, he launched High-Tech-TA providing sound recognition technology, behavioral modeling and hybrid video/music recommendation products for the growing Internet and mobile markets. In 2006, Vartan launched the first music-centric social network ( providing a unique 100 percent royalties model to labels and artists (Popkomm 2008 Best New Music Service Finalist). He successfully sold both companies in 2009.

After the sale, Vartan became the Founding Director of the Worldwide Cybersecurity Initiative of the EastWest Institute, launching the annual Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit series which attracts cybersecurity decision makers from over 45 countries, 300 organisations and is committed to solve a range of complex cybersecurity issues.

Vartan is the Senior Advisor to President at the EastWest Institute and Director of Eurasia  House International. He has extensive understanding of the Russian and CIS regions. Educated at the London School of Economics and University of Southern California, he holds a double Masters degree in Media and Communications. He is fluent in English, Russian, Armenian and French.