R. Chandrashekhar

R. Chandrashekhar
Secretary, Department of Information Technology, India

R. Chandrashekhar joined the Government of India in 1975 as a member of the Indian Administrative Service, the country’s premier civil service.

He established the first Department of Information Technology in the country and was Secretary of the department from June, 1997 to December, 1999. From July, 1996 as CMD of AP Industrial Infrastructure Corporation and from June, 1997 as CMD, APIIC and concurrently Secretary, Department of Information Technology and Communications, he masterminded the conceptualization, planning and implementation of various key initiatives in the state in the field of Information Technology. The comprehensive program drawn up covered, inter alia, creation of requisite infrastructure (HITEC City, etc.), strategic human resources development initiatives (Indian Institute of Information Technology, etc.) and evolving a comprehensive policy framework for adoption of IT in governance. The framework that was evolved was widely regarded as path breaking and catapulted the State to the forefront of IT development in the country. It became a role model for most other states, which sent several teams to study the experience of AP and emulated the ideas and concepts pioneered in the State. The unique program that was evolved powered the IT revolution in the State, attracted global attention and was widely covered in the national and international media.

As head of the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation since 1996, he led the transformation of this public sector undertaking into a key instrumentality of the state government in structuring public- private partnerships in the infrastructure sector. He has rich, first hand experience in pivotal positions of the processes of liberalization, privatization and globalization both at the state and central levels. He has considerable experience in privatization of infrastructure and deep understanding of the issues involved therein as well as the ingredients of successful privatization of infrastructure. He has extensive experience of working closely with internationally reputed consultants in the areas of infrastructure privatization, industrialization and Information and Communication Technology.

Mr. Chandrashekhar received a M.Sc. degree in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and a M.S. degree.