Our Solution

Securing cyberspace is a global challenge - one that cannot be solved by a single company or country alone. That is why the EastWest Institute launched the Worldwide Cybersecurity Initiative in 2009, bringing together government and corporate partners to protect our world's digital infrastructure.

Drawing on a thirty-year history of building trust, EWI formed the Cyber40, a coalition of representatives from the world's most digitally-advanced countries. The Cyber40 is working to shape rules of the road for cyber conflict and fighting cyber crime through international cooperation. EWI is also helping to build innovative private-public partnerships on cybersecurity, and working towards an effective global cyberspace emergency response capability.

Since 2010, over 1,000 business, government and technical leaders have been involved in EWI's ongoing cybersecurity initiative. Our government partners include Russia, China, the United States, France, Germany, India and Japan, who are all members of an innovative forum known as EWI's Cyber40 Ambassadors group. Our corporate partners and supporters include Microsoft, Deloitte, Vodafone, Reliance Industries Limited, Goldman Sachs, Knightsbridge Cybersystems, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Financial Times, Fidelity Investments, AT&T, Akin Gump, Huawei, Stroz Friedberg, IDEA, Laurus Edutech and Steria. EWI and the IEEE Communications Society have established a partnership to support the policy aspects of cybersecurity, and the IEEE Communications Society serves as the technical co-sponsor for EWI annual worldwide summits. EWI's annual cybersecurity summits provide a crucial forum for building international, private-public partnerships and for shaping the agreements, standards, policies and regulations (ASPR) we need to protect cyberspace.