EWI Cyber Crime Working Group


EWI's Cyber Crime Working Group examines existing and potential legal measures to combat cyber crime. The group consists of experts from Norway, India, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Italy and Belgium.

They work toward a set of recommendations for harmonized legal frameworks to fight cyber crime through increased international cooperation. At their February 2011 meeting, participants agreed that regional approaches incorporating government and private sector actors will be a precursor to successful global policy.


> Peace and Justice in Cyberspace: Potential New Global Legal Mechanisms against Global Cyberattacks and Other Global Cybercrimes by Judge Stein Schjolberg

> Cyberpower and Global Cyberattacks: Is Cybersecurity Possible? Towards a Renewed Vision and Strategy for International Security by Professor Solange Ghernaouti, Swiss Cybersecurity Advisory and Research Group, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

> Recommendations for a Treaty or A Set of Treaties: On Website & Page Bblocking - Focused On Cchild Sexual Aabuse by Graham Butler EastWest Institute Cybercrime Legal Working Group

> New Global Legal Frameworks/Treaty on Cybercrime: Analysis and Set of Proposals by Dr. Tatiana Tropina , EWI Cybercrime Legal Working Group